If you are still using QuarkXpress 7.X, like me, then you will appreciate this next tip. It is one I shared several months ago so I will link to it here. Basically it is a little script you can install that will let you drag & drop an image from a folder on your computer right into an open Quark document. It has saved me so much time. I don’t use it to place all my images, I usually use it to change out listing images and to place custom artwork.

TextExpander: Secret TipSince this post is so short I thought I would pass on another tip that I use to save time. There is a little application that I use hundreds of times a day, it is called TextExpander. It corrects my spelling for me as I type and I can use abbreviations which will “Expand” out into a full word. Example: if I type BDS it automatically expands out to Bedrooms. It is very handy when typing out text for listings. I also know the words I have the most trouble spelling, so I put them on the list so I am sure I never spell them wrong. This does cost about $35 and there are several free applications out there that will do this same thing, Snow Leopard actually does it a little too, but unfortunately we aren’t approved to use that for production yet. The reason I paid for this program is that is has a wide base of users and a huge repository of libraries you can plug in and use with ease. Since I have done a horrible job of explaining this here is a video from TextExpander that will give you an introduction to what they do, followed by a link to other informative videos.

Introduction to TextExpander

More videos here.