Do you ever find a picture that is too dark, too red or too bright?

What a bummer, now you have to go into Photoshop and make adjustments. What a waste of time. WAIT!!! You don’t have to do this any more! In QuarkXpress 7+ you can make these adjustments right in Quark and save time.

You all know how much I hate wasting my time. I love that I can now save a step by adjusting the photo right in Quark. Below is a quick image tour of how to do it (if you have trouble viewing images or reading comments, just click on the image to open it up at full size, then hit your “Back” button to come back to finish reading):

Step 1 - Select the photo that needs adjusting.1) Select the photo that you want to make adjustments to. When you bring the photos into Quark they will automatically come in at low resolution, this is for speed. If you had every image at full resolution it would take forever to do anything.
Step 2- Change to Full Resolution2) Just right click anywhere on the image and a menu will pop up, scroll down to “Preview Resolution” and select “Full Resolution”
Step 3 - Full Resolution3) Viewing a questionable image in Full Resolution is a great way to determine printability. Look at the difference between Step 1 & Step 3, even in a screen capture there is a noticeable difference.
Step 4 - Making Adjustments4) You will see there are several options for making adjustments to the image. We are going to adjust the “Brightness and Contrast” but play with the other options to see what they do. You can also add filters to your images. There aren’t as many filters in Quark as there are in Photoshop, but this is a good way to make a “generic” place holder image for too new for photo listings and land listings.
Step 5-Making Adjustments5) When making the “Brightness and Contrast” adjustment, I find that I get the best effect when I make adjustment to both options. If you check the “Preview” box you can see your adjustments real time on the photo. Play around with it until it looks right.
NOTE: Another adjustment I make a lot is using the “Curves” tool. I don’t have an image of it here, but it is a great way to remove colors from over saturated images. If you had an image that was too red you would simple choose the “Curves” tool and check only the “Magenta” box and then pull the diagonal line toward the bottom right corner. If you pull it to the upper left corner it will make that color stronger. It is also a good way to warm a photo up, just check the yellow and/or red and move the line up. You can select multiple points on the line and move them in either direction. I suggest you play with this tool, it does some pretty amazing stuff. All the adjustment tools work in Quark the same way they do in Photoshop.
Step 6-Adjusted Photo6) This photo has been adjusted using the “Brightness and Contrast” tool in QuarkXpress. If you look in the upper right hand corner of the photo you will see a little box with a chain link in it, this is to let you know the photo has an adjustment filter applied to it. This may not have been the best photo to adjust, but you can see the power this simple feature has added to Quark.
Step 7-Removing adjustments7) The best part is that the changes are not permanent. You can remove them, adjust them or add to them at any time. Just right click and delete the effects. Unfortunately you can’t just delete one effect or adjustment at a time. It’s all or nothing.


I hope this was helpful. Please comment below or email me at if you have questions or need clarification.