Disclaimer – This is not an attempt to degrade or demean, only to explain…

So I was at my daughters flag football practice last night. I love watching the kids run around the field trying to figure out what to do. It was interesting to me that only two of the kids (5th & 6th graders) really knew what to do. They had an aptitude for it. Some were terrible, others were fine, but only two were actually good, I would call them “naturals”.

This got me thinking about what I do… advertising for Realtors. It made me think about how much this football practice was like the real estate industry as a whole. A bunch of people who thought it might be fun to try their hand at being a Realtor, some are terrible, most are alright and a few are “naturals”.

For the most part I notice that Realtors think they need to be busy, running around, answering phones, dropping off paperwork… to be successful. In fact I was talking to a Realtor who had shown my house about this very topic. Here is the summarized conversations.

Lincoln: “How are things going?”

Realtor: “Well, I am still busy, but it seems I have to work twice as hard to get the same results as this time last year.”

Lincoln: “I know the feeling. At least you are getting results.”

Realtor:”For now.”

Lincoln: “How many calls would you or your assistant get a day, this time last year?”

Realtor: “Tons, about one hundred a day.”

Lincoln: “How many of those calls lead to a second contact.”

Realtor: “Not enough, maybe eight to ten. Why?”

Lincoln: “How would you like to throw the other ninety calls out and just get the ten?”

Realtor: “Ten calls a day, I wouldn’t feel like I was working.”

This Realtor then turned on his heel and walked out of the room. I just offered to show him how to target his market and stop wasting precious time and he turned and walked out. This just go to show you that my theory about Realors is right on the nose.

REALTORS ARE STUPID: But it’s not their fault.

Let me clarify. First, this phrase is used lovingly. Most Realtors I know are actually very smart, kind people. They were attracted to the business because of the ease of getting licensed, the flexible hours, the disdain for corporate life or their ability (if only perceived) to work with people. NONE of them grew up wanting to be a Realtor, it was never a life long desire. Instead it was an opportunity that popped up at the right time.

Though there are Realtors with a well rounded skill set that leads them to success, most are not that lucky. Most Realtors are taught how to market and sell by other Realtors, who are also woefully lacking in the correct skills required for the job, who were also trained by the same kind of Realtors. It is a sad vicious cycle that will ruin most peoples chance at success in the industry.

Back to pee wee football… Like the kids on the field, they feel like they are doing good as long as they are running around and tired at the end of the practice. Even with a coach, a well meaning dad who’s kid is on the team, the teams only score out of pure luck or divine providence. And the kids that are “naturals” really come by the skill because they had a parent who played catch with them, watched football and took the time to pass CORRECT information through consistent example onto their kids.

It is the same with Realtors, they get lucky with their experiences in life. In their past they work on projects in marketing, branding or customer service. They have a great boss at ABC Co. that takes the time to teach them the ins and outs of sales so that when the opportunity to become a Realtor falls in their lap they are ready to take the ball and start running. Running straight for the end zone and the big touchdown, not in circles, clueless to where the end zone even is.

It is time to work smart and enjoy life a little. It is time to teach Realtors why the job was appealing. We need to teach Realtors how to be smart.

Next weeks article will be on ways a Realtor can develop smart work habits and stop wasting time.