Did you know that you can set up your own keyboard shortcuts? This is especially helpful when exporting an ad to PDF from Quark using NCI’s settings.

It is simple: Click on the Apple in the upper left hand corner of your monitor, then choose System Preferences. A new window will pop up, under the Hardware sections choose Keyboard & Mouse.

You Should end up with this window:

This is the way the shortcut will look when you are done.

Note the Plus/Minus (+/-) sign to the left and under the shortcuts.

When you click on the Plus sign a small window will pop-up and ask for the Application, Menu Title & Keyboard Shortcut.

Under Application select the application you want the shortcut to apply to, in this case we will select Quark.

In the Menu Title box we will type the exact title of the menu item we are creating the shortcut for. To do this go to Quark, File, Export in the pop out menu you will see several options, we are looking for Layout as PDF… This must be typed EXACTLY as seen in the menu, capitals and all.

NOTE: and ellipses (three dots …) is not three consecutive periods it is a combination keystroke (Option + 😉 press and hold the Option key and, while holding the Option key hit the colon/semicolon key.

Finally, the Keyboard Shortcut, just type in the combination of keys you want to use for the shortcut. I used Shift + Command + . (period) because I knew that it wasn’t in use anywhere else, but you can set up anything you would like as long as the shortcut for the Finder or Quark is not already in use. (See image below for what the shortcut pop up will look like)

Now, when you are done building an ad and are ready to PDF the ad and proof it, just hit your shortcut and you have saved yourself a few steps and precious time. Now… just imagine where else you can use this to save you time!