How to set up a shortcut, specifically for trashing an item. MAC OSX

This tip will work with almost any task, but I am going to show you an easy way to set up a shortcut without any extra software or even know how. Just follow these simple steps and you are good to go.

  • Open “System Preferences” (Click on the Apple icon in the upper right corner of your monitor and choose “System Preferences)
  • Under the “Hardware” section choose “Keyboard & Mouse”
  • At the top of this panel is a row of four tab like buttons, choose “Keyboard Shortcuts”

Keyboard Shortcut Tab

  • Find the “+” button towards the bottom left of this panel and click it.
  • The following image explains the rest, but the steps are listed below as well.

Setting up the shortcut

  1. Choose the application, for this shortcut you will use “Finder” should be the default, if not click on the drop down menu and choose “Finder”
  2. Enter the title of the shortcut in the “Menu Title” box. For this shortcut we will use “Trash” so we know in the future which shortcut is which.
  3. Then click in the “Keyboard Shortcut” box and press the keys you want to use for your shortcut. I use “shift” + “command” + “home” keys.
  4. Finally test it out. Click on a file and press your shortcut keys and the file should automatically be removed to the Trash.