[singlepic id=39 w=288 h=216 float=left] Thanks to Charla Simpson! I loved working with her to build her site (http://www.charlasimpson.com). We chose a very decorative and homey look so people would know that she is a warm and approachable person. Though her site is still in the finishing stages of production it is a site we are both proud of and enjoy sharing with people.

It is important when presenting yourself, to present our true self. The word that is popular now is transparency. I am a big fan of transparency. You want to portray yourself as you are. No surprises! If people aren’t going to like you let them know right up front so they can pass by and find some one that is a better fit. The funny thing is that most people will forgive you if you let them know upfront who you are.

I think sometime we try to play up what we feel is best about us and hide the things we don’t like. But if you are working with a client that thinks you are this way and finds out you are really that way they will tend to feel deceived and even betrayed to some degree, the old car salesman, willing to do what ever it takes to make a sale. You DON’T want that!