Blogging: Content and Images (Pinterest & Instagram)

The Real Estate Book has a team of quality writers, currently writing strong content, unfortunately it is all over the place and not targeting the correct, or any, audience. Directing content and images toward the younger new home buyer as blog articles and posts to Pinterest/Instagram, will give the reader a repository of information to share and bookmark.


Th3 Dreamer

The new home buyer tends to be a little over ambition in their dreams of a new home, while at the same time being a bit cautious, not wanting to make a mistake or be taken advantage of. The Real Estate Book has a great opportunity to represent the home buyer, since they are not directly affiliated with a lender or a real estate agency. This gives the brand a unique position to have a voice of authority in the market, a voice the new home buyer can trust.


The Sherpa

By focusing in on this unique opportunity, The Real Estate Book can embark on a journey with the new home buyer, men women and couples in their mid 20’s to mid 30’s. Like a dependable sherpa on a new journey that will be life changing, bad or good, but with the RIGHT guide transcendent. The starting point for a long life filled with great stories and happy endings.


The Referral

When the new home buyer is finally settled in to their new home, The Real Estate Book should be just as integral to their journey as their agent. When the new home owner hears of a friend wanting to buy, the first thing they share is an article or a list from The Real Estate Book website or magazine, even before recommending  a Realtor.


  1. Focussed reader group = New Home Buyer.
  2. Sherpa for the MOST important purchase = Quality articles and images.
  3. Trusted friend & referral = The Real Estate Book.