Finally… a tutorial on how to create an eBook

Several of you have asked for this and I keep telling you that I will post it, so here it is.

Quick note: An eBook is basically a PDF that is laid out like a book but with interactive links, both URL and email links. It is a great  way to make your publication interactive.

Step One – Compile your PDF’s

Follow the steps in this post (click here) to see how to create a PDF booklet.

Step Two – Convert existing links

If your pages have email addresses or URL’s you can use Acrobat to convert them into clickable links.

Links from pdf

Create Web Links

Step Three – Gather your links

Decide what you want to do. Where do you want your links to go? Do you want to link each property or each page to a site? Then gather up your links into a Word document or a spreadsheet.

Step Four – Add the links

Follow the process outlined before Create Web Links screen shots to add the links to your PDF booklet.

Choose Link ToolCreate LinkEdit URLStep Five – Upload your new eBook

Follow the steps in this post (click here) to upload your eBook to and see the many ways you can use it in your marketing.