Motivate, Create Urgency, Reduce Anxiety, Poke the Bear, Give Advice and ALWAYS have a Testimonial

#1 MOTIVATE people to take action

“Join my 5000 clients, Unsure what to do next?…”

#2 Create URGENCY

“Don’t make the same mistakes your neighbor did”

#3 Reduce ANXIETY

Empathize, tell a story, portray yourself honestly, show emotion.

Talk to people like you are sitting down for a coffee. Let your ad reflect who you are. Use a current photo that shows the real you, jeans, cowboy boots, ponytail and all. Use works like LOVE, HAPPY, FUN…

“Scared to buy your first home? So was I, call me before you make the same mistakes I did!”

#4 Poke the Bear

If there is something going on that no one is talking about, TALK ABOUT IT! If the market is high or low, TALK ABOUT IT… Get the point?

#5 Give Advice

Let people know how you feel. If you think the property is only good because of the price, or acreage, then tell them that!

#6 Always use a TESTIMONIAL