Clarity, Relevancy, Eliminate Distractions & Calls to Action!

#1 Clarity

Be brutally Honest. Be sure to tell the truth about the property, don’t up sell or make it sound better than it is.

Be sure to share the benefit of buying the property, even if it is only the price. đŸ™‚

Keep your copy short and sweet. Headlines should be reserved for what makes the property unique. Copy needs to include he 5 main things buyers are looking for: Beds, Baths, Square Feet, Acreage and Price. Anything beyond that should be kept very short, bullet points are best and easiest to read.

Close with a Call to Action: Text this number for more info is best, it is a safe simple way to get more info.

#2 Relevancy

Share only what people need (see above). It is also important to speak directly to your audience. Try segmenting your properties, a buyer looking for a 5 bedroom house on 2 acres is going to need to hear something totally different than someone looking for a 2 bedroom condo. If you segment your properties you can focus on one property type and advertise it in the best place for that specific property type. For example, manufactured homes sell best in the newspaper, where estates sell best in high end magazines and specialty websites dedicated to that one property. You aer talking to completely different audiences so dont try to sell cheese to the lactose intolerant.

#3 Eliminate Distractions

This is the easiest one to fix and the most abused. Try not to use too many banners, reserve them for only special info like “Reduced $100,00” if you have them on every listing no one will see them. Keep your text short and sweet and cut all the fluff. See my blog post on creating ads that sell.

#4 Close with a Call to Action

Always invite people to take the next step. Get them interested and then tell them what to do next.