Author: Lincoln Banry

Creating Ad Copy that Sells

Clarity, Relevancy, Eliminate Distractions & Calls to Action! #1 Clarity Be brutally Honest. Be sure to tell the truth about the property, don’t up sell or make it sound better than it is. Be sure to share the benefit of buying the property, even if it is only the price. 🙂 Keep your copy short and sweet. Headlines should be reserved for what makes the property unique. Copy needs to include he 5 main things buyers are looking for: Beds, Baths, Square Feet, Acreage and Price. Anything beyond that should be kept very short, bullet points are best and easiest to read. Close with a Call to Action: Text this number for more info is best, it is a safe simple way to get more info. #2 Relevancy Share only what people need (see above). It is also important to speak directly to your audience. Try segmenting your properties, a buyer looking for a 5 bedroom house on 2 acres is going to need to hear something totally different than someone looking for a 2 bedroom condo. If you segment your properties you can focus on one property type and advertise it in the best place for that specific property type. For example, manufactured homes sell best in the newspaper, where estates sell best in high end magazines and specialty websites dedicated to that one property. You aer talking to...

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Creating an Ad that Sells

Motivate, Create Urgency, Reduce Anxiety, Poke the Bear, Give Advice and ALWAYS have a Testimonial #1 MOTIVATE people to take action “Join my 5000 clients, Unsure what to do next?…” #2 Create URGENCY “Don’t make the same mistakes your neighbor did” #3 Reduce ANXIETY Empathize, tell a story, portray yourself honestly, show emotion. Talk to people like you are sitting down for a coffee. Let your ad reflect who you are. Use a current photo that shows the real you, jeans, cowboy boots, ponytail and all. Use works like LOVE, HAPPY, FUN… “Scared to buy your first home? So...

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You’ve Picked Your Fonts, NOW What?

I love fonts, I can have an ad designed in no time and then take hours or even days to pick out the right font. But once you get the fonts that you just know are going to work, what do you do now? Use them correctly! Let them do their job. Keep your headlines between 18 & 24 points for most projects and keep your body copy between 12 & 14 points. Every project is unique so don’t box yourself in, but follow the proven methods, make sure the fonts are clear and easy to read, that they...

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Say it in a Picture

Whenever possible tell your story with a picture. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words!” If you can say it with an image you are 80% more likely to get noticed and over 100% more likely with video. Keep that in mind next time you are creating a new design, if the picture is already telling the story DON’T repeat it, important elements get lost in...

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Chose Your Font Carefully

When using fonts in your ads be careful, ads can get cluttered and difficult to read if too many fonts are used or the wrong ones are chosen. Try to keep the number of fonts you use on any one ad down to three. A serif (which can include script fonts), sans serif  and a stand out font for drop caps, asides and other calls to action. There are some occasions where more fonts are appropriate  and especially if variations of the same font are being used. But there ARE just some projects that need more than 2 or...

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