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Mac Keyboard Shortcut Hints

Did you know that you can set up your own keyboard shortcuts? This is especially helpful when exporting an ad to PDF from Quark using NCI’s settings. It is simple: Click on the Apple in the upper left hand corner of your monitor, then choose System Preferences. A new window will pop up, under the Hardware sections choose Keyboard & Mouse. You Should end up with this window: This is the way the shortcut will look when you are done. Note the Plus/Minus (+/-) sign to the left and under the shortcuts. When you click on the Plus sign...

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Featured New Website and Personal Branding

I think sometime we try to play up what we feel is best about us and hide the things we don’t like. But if you are working with a client that thinks you are this way and finds out you are really that way they will tend to feel deceived and even betrayed to some degree, the old car salesman, willing to do what ever it takes to make a sale. You DON’T want that!

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