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How not to waste time – QuicKeys

Part two in my “How not to waste 10 days a year!” series… What is QuicKeys? QuicKeys are shortcuts on steroids. If you are familiar at all with Apple’s Automator than you will get the idea of what QuicKeys is. Very simply put it is an amped up automation took that allows you to use scripts, step-by-step processes, mouse clicks, autofill… and other tools to automate a process. One thing I use it for is to switch between book folders. I have a floating menu with a button for each book. When I click on a book it automatically...

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Keyboard quick tip #1

How to set up a shortcut, specifically for trashing an item. MAC OSX This tip will work with almost any task, but I am going to show you an easy way to set up a shortcut without any extra software or even know how. Just follow these simple steps and you are good to go. Open “System Preferences” (Click on the Apple icon in the upper right corner of your monitor and choose “System Preferences) Under the “Hardware” section choose “Keyboard & Mouse” At the top of this panel is a row of four tab like buttons, choose “Keyboard...

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How not to waste 10 days a year!

How not to waste 10 days a year… automation! Since Thanksgiving I have been thinking about all things that I take for granted: family, work, friends… And last week while I was building a book I got to thinking about all the things that make my work easier that I take for granted. When I started building books in 2004 I didn’t know any shortcuts, didn’t use any scripts and half the software I use now wasn’t even around. To think of all the time I wasted doing the simple little tasks by hand it blows my mind. Just...

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Creating Photoshop Actions & Droplets

What the heck is a Photoshop Action or Element you ask? Good question. Answer: A Photoshop action is a way of automating any process in Photoshop. I have several set up. I have one for creating a new page for The Real Estate Book, one for converting images and graphics to CMYK, one for clipping… it makes it very easy to do repetitive tasks, just click and go! What is a Photoshop Droplet then? Well, that is a Photoshop action taken to the next level. You can make a Photoshop action into a droplet, then it becomes a little...

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How to Setup & Use Library’s in QuarkXpress

Setting up a Library in Quark is easy and a time saver! The idea behind a library is to have a repository of frequently used images and text available for quick access. I use two main library’s, the first is a library full of layouts, 0600, 9600 … and so on. The other is filled with banners, logos and text (ie. Each Office Independently Owned & Operated) it makes for extremely fast access to frequently used items and saves me tons of time and effort. Below is a quick video on How to use and set-up of QuarkXpress...

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