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QuarkXpress: Photo Quality Adjustments

Do you ever find a picture that is too dark, too red or too bright? What a bummer, now you have to go into Photoshop and make adjustments. What a waste of time. WAIT!!! You don’t have to do this any more! In QuarkXpress 7+ you can make these adjustments right in Quark and save time. You all know how much I hate wasting my time. I love that I can now save a step by adjusting the photo right in Quark. Below is a quick image tour of how to do it (if you have trouble viewing images...

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PDF Booklets… (part 1)

Here is a quick image tour of how to make a PDF booklet. This is a great way for graphic artists to do a final proof before submitting the book or to upload to for online distribution. Part 2 will be on how to upload your PDFs to and embed them on your web site. Please let me know if you have any questions about this “How To” or ideas for new...

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Comics & Real Estate

<– Sign up NOW to get an email every time there is a new post What do comics & real estate have in common? Here is an example I use frequently when I meet with a new client. Lets be clear here, though I have felt like this many times after a meeting with a stubborn realtor, I am not making any allusions to realtors needing straight jackets… Please excuse this comic, I have no idea what it says so I apologize if it is offensive in any way or if it makes anyone look or feel stupid… Take...

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How not to waste time – Drag & Drop Images (and TextExpander)

If you are still using QuarkXpress 7.X, like me, then you will appreciate this next tip. It is one I shared several months ago so I will link to it here. Basically it is a little script you can install that will let you drag & drop an image from a folder on your computer right into an open Quark document. It has saved me so much time. I don’t use it to place all my images, I usually use it to change out listing images and to place custom artwork. Since this post is so short I thought...

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